Cool Tropical Vibe

Tropical style embraces many elements
such as tropical plants, exotic woods,
flamingos etc. Your balcony will really be
brought to life with all these elements.

Herb Kitchen

Mmmm….can u smell the freshness
Home grown herbs are the perfect addition to any meal.
Now is the time to grow an endless supply
of your favourite herbs in your outdoor space.

Bohemian’s Dream

Bohemian design is for those who care less
about style and more about life!
If you are looking for a clever, cool and welcoming outdoor area, boho-chic deals a breezy option.

Desi Bageecha

Mera India, Mera Desh,
a home of diversity in all spheres.
Let’s have a colourful ethnic outdoor space with your favourite greenery,
Indian artifacts and installations.

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