Plants are certainly the most eco-friendly
BFFs you’ll ever come across!

Obviously, they can’t lend you their clothes, chat with you over a cup of coffee or share a hearty laugh with you. But hey, think about it. They pay heed to your rants when everyone else seems to be ignoring you. They never judge you. And even help you breathe!

So how about gifting a best friend to a loved one, colleague or even your best of friends? After all, we all need friends. Who knows, they too might vouch for the fact that the best kind of yaari is indeed, Paudhe Se Yaari!

Plant gifting is our game!

We at Paudhe Se Yaari have something for everyone, for every occasion, big or small.

We specialize in providing one-of-its-kind green gifts to mark any occasion for that special someone alongside personalized gift packages to express your gratitude to your family, friends, clients and colleagues.

We are happy to provide discounts depending on order size. In addition, we can organize delivery to various addresses or deliver all the plants to your office for your company to distribute as they see fit. For larger quantities, we can customize the packaging with the help of our in-house designer.