Balcony and Living Walls

We strive to curate unique spaces with well-considered additions of greenery. If you are an urban dweller with a limited garden area, we can provide you with endlessly inspired creations to suit. We excel at fusing clean and simple design with our unique planting style to give you a bespoke and desirable garden, however small your space is.

Pergalos and Paving

We understand that your house isn’t just a place to live; it’s your sanctuary, a place of escape – a statement of your personality. And that’s why we specialize in implementing unique designs that create a stunning flow between the interior and the exterior, with a real focus on the small details that are perfectly suited to your lifestyle, block and budget.


Our makeover service is a personally tailored service that allows our team to visit your home or commercial space to assess natural lighting conditions, interior finishes and spatial requirements so that the plants, planters and other decorative accessories we choose become seamless additions to your space.


Your garden should be one of your home’s most relaxing and pleasurable parts. Whether you wish to make a new garden or revive the old one, we can help you. We can create unique and stylish gardens for you.

Offices, Cafe’s, Terraces and Gardends

Whether you are after our expertise for the home or your office, Paudhe Se Yaari regularly styles and curates residential and commercial spaces. Having worked on many notable projects, our team is flexible when working with our clients.

At our initial consultation, we like to talk through your ideas and goals for your space. Then, discuss your needs – we can work flexibly to cater for an installation of multiple phases to suit your timeline and budget. Next, we assess the lighting and other environmental conditions to recommend what plants are most suited to the space.

With the concerted effort of our plant styling team, we will then curate plant styling recommendations for your space, including the most suitable plants and your preferred theme for your green space.

Once you have approved the proposal, we will arrange a time and date for your delivery and installation.