Aboli Crossandra


Its scientific name is ‘crossandra infundibuliformis’

Pronounced as kross-AN-druh in-fun-dih-bew-LEE-for-miss

Know your Plant

A flowering plant, also known as ‘Firecracker Flower’ is an evergreen shrub.

It has glossy, wavy-margined leaves and fan-shaped flowers. Flower colours ranges from common orange to salmon-orange or apricot, coral to red, yellow and even turquoise.

The tiny Firecracker flowers are strung into strands like beads, sometimes with different coloured flowers and they often get made into garlands which women use to decorate their hair.

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Soil: Use soil which can retain soil well and is well-draining.

Water: Water the plant in a way that the soil gets moist and not waterlogged. Water whenever you find its topsoil dry.

Lighting: This plant requires bright lighting to grow well. However, it will need partial shading, especially during the harsh afternoon sun.

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