Adenium Bonsai


(Ad-aen-ium Bonsai) Also known as ‘Desert Rose’

Know your Plant: Native to Africa and Arabia, this is also called as the ‘Desert Rose’.

You might be surprised to know that this succulent break all the stereotypes there is about Desert plants as it blooms all year round

The bulbous base and fleshy leaves carry the pink and white coloured flowers quite elegantly and you won’t be able to help yourself but show it off.

Think of Desert Rose as a tropical plant in the spring and summer and as a cactus in the autumn and winter because their water requirements vary according to the season.

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Lighting: The Desert Rose can be placed outside year round and be subjected to bright lighting with partial shade.

Water: This plant should be watered every 7-10 days during the summer and once a month during other seasons. Make sure its roots are not waterlogged.

Fertilizer: Use a liquid fertilizer at half its recommended strength during its growing phase or summers.

Pruning: Because these plants can grow huge, they require regular pruning to contain its shape and size.

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