African Violet


Its scientific name is ‘Saintpaulia’

Know your Plant

African Violets are common indoor houseplants which can be grown outdoors as well.

It has oval leaves with a fleshy texture. They have small flowers which always grows in a cluster and it has a 5 lobed petals. It is one of the prettiest little plants you can own.

The name ‘African violet’ comes from the fact that the colour of the flowers resembles ‘true violet’.

This plant is in danger of becoming extinct. By planting more of these, you will be ensuring that the beauty of this plan remains endless.

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Lighting: The plant will require bright light to give out bright flowers. However, make sure it does not receive direct sunlight.

Water: Water in a way that the complete soil gets moist and water after the topsoil get dried out.

Soil: A well-draining potting mix is essential for this plant.

Fertilizer: Feed the plant every other week, preferably a fertilizer which is urea free.


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