Aglaonema Red (Ag-lao-nema Red)


Know your Plant

This artistic plant’s leaves have an intricate fusion of shades of red, maroon, and green spilled out carefully yet haphazardly.

The red tint on its leaves makes it s visual treat and adds tons of aesthetic beauty to your interior.

This moderate sized indoor plant is also known as ‘Chinese Evergreens’ is a low maintenance beauty.

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Lighting: Although this plant can thrive in moderate lighting conditions, when subjected to bright indoor lighting, its leaves give out the best colors. However, make sure not to put under direct sunlight.

Water: Water the plant whenever you find its top inch of soil dry. Make sure not to overwater the plant as it will rot its roots.

Caution: keep this plant out of reach from children and pets as it is considered toxic when consumed.

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