– Alworthia (Al-worth-iah) are succulent plants that are hybrid crosses between Aloe and Haworthia.
– Commonly known as Alworthia ‘Black Gem’ or Aloe ‘Black Gem’.
– The foliage varies from green through to dark reddish-bronze purple with the thick, triangular-conical, succulent leaves becoming darker and redder the more sun it gets.
– Alworthia is a very forgiving plant, and a well-grown plant can be quite beautiful.



Water: As with all succulents, it’s essential that Alworthia is never allowed to sit in stagnant water, and the plant should be carefully monitored to watch for signs of overwatering.

Temperatures: Prefers warmer temperatures of 70ºF/21ºC to 80ºF/27ºC, but will survive down to 40ºF/4.5ºC.

Soil: A well-drained potting mix is essential; use a cacti or succulent mix.
Alworthia are not particularly fast-growing and will only rarely need repotting.

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