Areca Palm(Ah-reka Palm)


Its scientific name is ‘ Dypsis Lutescens’ and is also known as ‘Golden Cane palm’ and ‘Butterfly Palm’

Know your Plant

This palm plant is a very common indoor plant which will make you feel you are on vacation while you are at home.

They look like arched feathers, each having up to 100 leaflets. If it’s too big for your house, you can spruce them down to a table top plant as well.

The name ‘Butterfly Palm’ comes from the shape of the leaves which curve upwards in multiple stems that make it look like a big butterfly.

Although this plant is easy to care for, it needs attention and won’t tolerate neglect at all.

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Water:Its soil should be kept slightly moist at all times but never soggy or wet. Allow its top soil to dry out between waterings.

Lighting: Place the plant at a place where it gets the brightest of lighting. However, make sure it does not get harsh and direct sunlight.

Soil: Well draining and aerated soils are preferred.


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