Polaskia Cactus


Scientifically known as Polaskia Chichipe
Commonly known as Chichipe

Pronounced as chi-chi-pe.
The Polaskia Cactus is a columnar, tree-like cactus.
Like most cacti, The Polaskia Cactus are fairly, low-maintenance and hardy.
Make sure they receive enough water without becoming waterlogged, especially during the summer and fertilize them for best results.
Make sure not to over water cacti planted in new pots, as this can lead to root rot. It should be left dry for about a week and then watered lightly.

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Water: Polaskia Cactus are extremely drought tolerant and are to be watered twice a month during summers and once every month other times of the year. Make sure you do not overwater the plant.

Soil: They prefer alkaline to neutral soil. However, the soil needs to drain well, as residual moisture or puddling can cause the plant to rot.

Lighting: Although this plant is tolerant of high heat, it requires full sun to partial shade. Make sure you protect it from afternoon hot sun.

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