Cactus Polaskia



Know your Plant: This is a tree-like cactus which are uniformly ribbed, having small and fuzzy spines at the edge of its ribs.

Flowers are widely-opened cups of pinkish white or yellow-green – with or without spines. Fruits are small fleshy berries.

This is one of those succulents which are every cactus lover’s first purchase and of course, their first love. Polaskia has two types mainly called ‘Chichipe’ and ‘Chende’.

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Water: Polaskia Cactus are extremely drought tolerant and are to be watered twice a month during summers and once every month other times of the year. Make sure you do not overwater the plant.

Soil: They prefer alkaline to neutral soil. However, the soil needs to drain well, as residual moisture or puddling can cause the plant to rot.

Lighting: Although this plant is tolerant of high heat, it requires full sun to partial shade. Make sure you protect it from afternoon hot sun.

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