Calathea Dottie

Calathea Dottie



Calathea Dottie AKA : Calathea Rorepicta Dottie, Rose painted Calathea… Calathea Dottie is a decorative, tender, evergreen, perennial houseplant. It has pale, silvery-green, ovate leaves with a dark green band around the outer edges and wine-red undersides held singly on tall stems. It is a lovely selection of air-purifying plants for our homes, office and other interiors. Light : It flourishes best in bright indirect sunlight or filtered sunlight to partial shade. However, keep your plant out of direct sunlight as it can burn the leaves of a plant and the wonderful leaf hues to fade. Water : Water regularly during the growing season. Keep soil constantly moist but never water-logged. Overwatering can cause root rot and kill the plant. During the winter season, reduce watering and only water the plant when the top inch of soil dries out between watering.

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