Calibrochia Mix(Kal-e-bra-koa Mix)


Also known as ‘Million Bells’

This evergreen but short-lived flowering plant is one of the most popular plants for growing in containers and hanging baskets.

Calibrachoa is a native South American plant, and is also known as ‘Million Bells’ due to its hundreds of colorful blooms.

A Calibrachoa Mix blooms many colors like violet, blue, pink, yellow, magenta, and white, making it a must for your summer decor.

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Lighting: Million Bell plants are known to be a full sun plants. The more the light, the more eye-popping their colors are. However, make sure not to put it under harsh afternoon sun.

Fertilizer: As the plant blooms heavily during summer, it will require necessary nutrition. Fertilize the plant every 4 weeks during its blooming phase.

Soil: Million Bell requires good quality soil with excellent drainage.

Water: This plant needs generous amount of water to soak its roots. However, make sure you water only when you find its top 2 inches of soil dry and never leave the soil soggy.