Pronounced as Cas-ua-rina.

Belonging to the Casuarinaceae family, Casuarina equisetifolia is a plant with a straight trunk. Casuarina is a hardwood tree that is grown in areas bordering water in the tropics.

Widely grown in Malaysia, the Pacific Islands, Australia and West Indies, Casuarina is used in shipbuilding for the quality of its wood.

Casuarina equisetifolia is one of many trees used for decorative purposes. Indeed, its needle-like leaves and beautiful prickly flowers give it a refined appearance to which small coloured lights may be added to obtain a Christmas tree, a practice common in the Caribbean.

The Casuarina’s female flowers have a shortened peduncle while that of the male flowers are cone-shaped.

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Temperature: The ideal temperature to obtain good seedlings is around 25 °C.

Insert a moist substrate in a well-drained jar to avoid seed deterioration, and then sow the seed by covering it with a little earth. Seedlings will grow a few weeks later.

Soil: Unlike other plants, Casuarina can be grown on depleted land or even on sandy soil with high salt content. However, the garden must be completely rid of weeds.

Water: The ground must be sufficiently watered before putting in the plants.

Then, the young seedlings must be pushed in about 4 inches deep. If planting must be done by sowing, first plant the seeds in a jar before transplanting the seedlings on the prepared ground.

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