Coleus Assorted


Also known as ‘Painted Nettle’ and ‘Poor Man’s Croton’

Know Your Plant

Coleus (Coh-lee-us), with its bright colors, wide variety of foliage, and different leaf shapes will provide your home with a striking appeal, without even blooming.

Coleus adapts to your needs. If you put them in pots and planters, it will stay small. If you plant them in your garden, it will grow up to 2 feet if proper care is taken.

Coleus was initially popularized during the victorian era and since have been extensively grown by all plantsmen.

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Water: These plants grow their best when the soil is kept moist. However, make sure not to wet the soil completely as it will rot its roots.

Soil: A well-draining soil is recommended to keep its soil moist and not inundated.

Lighting: Though bright light brings the best colour out of your Coleus, direct sunlight can damage its foliage

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