Crassula Campfire

Crassula Campfire



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This fast-growing succulent has propeller-shaped leaves which turns fiery red under the full son. No wonder, people call it ‘Campfire Plant’ and ‘Red Flames Plant’.

The Crassula Campfire produces a beautiful white star-shaped flower when it blooms during summers.

This branching succulent grows up to 6  inches tall and 3 feet wide.

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Dimensions 7.6 × 7.6 × 17.8 cm

Water: Like any other succulent, Crassula Campfire requires very less water, and needs to be watered whenever its soil is dry or every 7-10 days. Avoid overwatering this plant as it can lead to the fungal formation in its roots.

Lighting: This perennial bush requires bright sunlight to mature into the above mentioned fiery red color. That being said, given 5-6 hours of bright indoor lighting a day, it can easily thrive.

Soil: Well-draining sandy soil, the type used for other cacti and succulent plants are preferable.

Environment: Crassula Campfire can thrive well in both indoor and outdoor conditions. However, when indoor, proper ventilation is required for minimizing pests and disease risks.

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