Cryptanthus Neon

Cryptanthus Neon



Cryptanthus Neon

AKA: Pink Star, Earth Star Pink, Cryptanthus Bivittatus- Pink….

The decorative Cryptanthus Neon is an unusual plant with a flat rosette of lush tropical foliage, is the perfect houseplant for beginners. The pink Cryptanthus is relatively easy to care for and make lovely additions to terrariums as well to open planters. Light: Crptanthus Neon is comfortable at average room temperature, bright indirect sunlight near a window is best for this plant. Water: Daily Misting if growing in a planter helps to keep this plant healthy. Never pour the water directly into the centre of the rosette as this can lead moisture getting trapped in amongst the leaves as it might create unhealthy mildews and fungal growths.

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