– Dischidia (dish-ee-dia)  are epiphytic rainforest plants native to Southeast Asia.
– These plants are also called ant plants because of a unique symbiotic relationship with ants.
– Dischidia plants belong in the milkweed family. Broken stems ooze milky latex sap and the plant often grows aerial roots.

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Light: These plants grow wild in low light situations below a thick rainforest canopy where light cannot penetrate deeply. Care of Dischidia requires indirect light for at least half the day. Avoid placing ant plant near doors or windows where drafts can stress the plant.
Water: Allow the planting medium to dry out before you water the plant. They are used to getting moisture only from dew and the air, and cannot tolerate boggy media. Ant plant also needs high humidity. Mist the plant every day or place the container on a saucer filled with pebbles and water. The water will evaporate and moisten the air while the pebbles will hold the sensitive roots out of the water.

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