Easter Lily

Easter Lily



Easter Lily Cactus
AKA: Easter Lily Cactus, Domino Cactus, Echinopsis Subdenudata…
Easter lily cactus, is a round cactus with tiny spines and fuzzy areoles. It’s appreciated by both beginners and more experienced cactus lovers for its easy care and absolutely stunning flowers. This cactus makes a great addition to any succulent collection! The Easter lily cactus can take up to four years to produce flowers. The flowers are so large that they sometimes dwarf the plant.

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Additional information

Watering: Easter Lily Cactus likes regular waterings during Summer. Other than that, it’s still a typical cactus, so that means well-draining soil and plenty of sun are the keys to a healthy plant.
Light: Cacti like this one will really appreciate being able to spend the summers outdoors. They’ll grow much better when they can take full advantage of the sun. in warmer climates, you can keep them outdoors year- round.

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