Echeveria Agavoides

Echeveria Agavoides



– Pronounced as “ECH” + “i” + “VEER” + “ee” + “uh”
– Commonly known as Molded Wax Agave
– Echeveria agavoides is a small, stemless, succulent plant, with a star-shaped rosette of thick leaves. The apple green leaves are triangular, with reddish edges and a terminal spine.
– As with all succulents, careful watering habits and plenty of light will help ensure success.

* The plants in the picture are only for reference.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 12.7 cm

Light: Bright light with some direct sun.

Water: Keep the mix lightly moist spring through fall and water sparingly in winter. Water the potting mix and not the rosette because it can easily rot. Wrinkled leaves indicate the succulent needs more water.

Temperature: In spring and summer, average to warm 65-80°F/18-27°C. Slightly cooler in fall and winter 55-75°F/13-24°C.

Soil: Cactus potting mix, or equal parts sharp sand with all-purpose potting mix.

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