Echeveria Brachetil

Echeveria Brachetil



Know your Plant

This perennial succulent has fleshly and attractive leaves the shape of a bell.

Its rosette pattern leaves color ranges from pale green to purplish shade and tend to develop a waxy powder coating.

Every leaf, rosette of this plant that breaks off and lands on the soil turns into a new plant

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Additional information

Water: Like any other succulent, it requires watering very less often. Water only when you find its topsoil completely dry. Overwatering will lead to its root rotting.

Lighting: Although this plant is tolerant of high heat, it requires full sun to partial shade. Make sure you protect it from afternoon hot sun.

Soil: It requires sandy and well-draining sand to ensure no water is accumulated inside the pot.

Environment: Echeveria Brachetti can thrive beautifully in both outdoor and indoor conditions. If placed indoors, make sure it gets at least 5-6 hours of bright indoor lighting.

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