Echinocactus Grusonii


(echi·​no·​cactus, grus-oni) Also known as ‘Golden Barrel Cactus’ and ‘Golden Ball’

Know Your Plant: The stem of this indoor plant looks like a globe to some and a spiny cushion to others.

The long and sharp spines have various shades of yellow or, occasionally, white. Also, the crown of the cactus has white colored woolen hairs at the top.

The Golden Ball is known to have a lifespan of 30 years! It is quite a late bloomer as it takes about 20 years to flower.

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Water: As the growth of the Golden Barrel Cactus is more in summer, it requires watering once every month. During other times when its growth is stunted, you can water it after checking that its soil is completely dry. Remember, if in doubt, it is best not to water the plant as it is designed to survive harsh conditions.

Lighting: Since the Golden Barrel Cactus, in their natural outdoor habitat lives in extremely hot conditions, it requires a lot of light indoors. Place it by a well-lit window in your home. However, make sure it does not get direct sunlight during the afternoon as it burns the plant.

Soil: Soil for Barrel Cactus should be sandy and well draining as the plant dies if too much water is present in the soil.

Environment: Although the Barrel Cactus is designed to be grown outdoors, with proper care it will make a nice addition to your interior.

Caution: Make sure you place the Cactus in areas of less traffic and away from children and pets.