Fern Tree


Scientifically known as Dicksonia antarctica (Dick-so-nia an-tarc-ti-cah)

Also commonly known as Soft Fern Tree and Man Fern.

The Fern Tree is a species of evergreen tree fern native to eastern Australia, ranging from south-east Queensland, coastal New South Wales and Victoria to Tasmania.


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Water: The key to Fern Tree care is not to let your plant dry out. They come from the tropics, where the rain falls frequently and humidity is high. You’ll want to replicate this in your home. Never allow the pot to go fully dry. Water when the first inch or so of the soil has dried out. The plant can be planted in a large pot, which will assist with moisture retention.
Light: Tree ferns require bright light to thrive. They should be protected from harsh, direct light, place your plant somewhere in your home where it will get your brightest, filtered or indirect light to encourage growth.

It’s common for the lower leaves of tree ferns to die back. You can safely prune these. Over time, the “trunk” of the fern (exposed when you trim lower leaves) will grow to be quite tall.

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