Ficus Triangular


Pronounced as fi-cus tri-angular.

Know your Plant

This plant with a contradictory name is a favourite among many plantsmen, given its adaptability to being small and grown indoors and as an outdoor plant as well.

Tree Fern is an extremely slow growing plant with lush foliage which unfolds outwards.

Although slow growing, these plants start small and go on to grow as long as 8-10 feet tall.

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Water: Never let a Tree Fern to dry out completely. Water as soon as you find its top 1 inch of soil dry.

Lighting: Place the plant at a place where it gets the brightest of lighting. However, make sure it does not get harsh and direct sunlight.

Fertilizer: Mature plants will require feed every 2 weeks during its growth period.

Pruning: Pruning is required to remove the dead leaves.

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