Haworthia Limifolia

Haworthia Limifolia



(Haw-or-thia Lim-if-olia) Also know as Haworthiopsis Limifolia, Fairy Washboard and File Leafed Haworthia.

Know your Plant: Haworthia Limifolia is a species of flowering plant native to Southern Africa. Its plant blooms during summers and gives out an attractive flower from the center of its rosette.

These spiral rosette-forming succulent’s leaves are triangular and spread broadly from its base.

The Haworthias are a close relative to the Aloes. However, are more rigid and attractive.

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Water: The watering habits for Haworthia Limifolia is the same as other succulents. Make sure you water when the soil is dry (every 7-10 days) and do not overwater it.

Lighting: This plant requires full sun for best growth. Make sure it does not get the afternoons direct sunlight. However, 5-6 hours of bright indoor lighting a day will also do.

Soil: Well-draining sandy soil, the type used for other cacti and succulent plants are preferable.

Environment: You can grow Haworthia Limifolia in both indoor and outdoor conditions, as long as its lighting and watering conditions are maintained as above.

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