Haworthia Squarrosa

Haworthia Squarrosa



(ha·​wor·​thia skwa-rosa) Also known as ‘Zebra Cactus’ and ‘Pearl Plant’.

Know your Plant: This easy to maintain houseplant has fleshy leaves which curve backward and has little white bands all over their foliage.

You will never see this succulent losing its charm, as the older leaves retire gracefully from the lower part of the stem, new plantlets are formed.

This little succulent is perfect for unusual and quirky containers like teacups or miniature baby shoes.

* The plants in the picture are only for reference.

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Weight 0.182 kg
Dimensions 7.7 × 7.7 × 20.4 cm

Water: Haworthia Squarrosa requires watering every 7-10 days or water the plant whenever its soil is completely dry. Beware that overwatering this plant can lead to the fungal formation to its roots.

Lighting: This perennial plant requires bright sunlight for better and faster growth. However, make sure the plant avoid drastic sunlight changes and afternoon full sun. It can also be placed indoors, given 5-6 hours of bright indoor lighting a day.

Soil: Well-draining sandy soil, the type used for other cacti and succulent plants are preferable.

Environment: Haworthia Squarrosa can thrive well in both indoor and outdoor conditions. However, when indoor, proper ventilation is required for minimizing pests and disease risks.

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