Ixora Small

Ixora Small



Ixora AKA: Jungle Flame, Jungle Geranium, Flame of the woods, Iron Tree, West Indian Jasmine. Ixora plants are evergreen shrubs with a wonderfully exotic and tropical look. They grow in the sun or shade and have flowers in massed heads throughout the year. Ixora plants have clusters of red, yellow, white, or orange flowers that emerge like puffballs from the evergreen leaves continuously throughout the year. Excellent for hedges, screens, or massed in garden beds and borders. The flowers are long-lasting, flowers stay open for at least five weeks or more, and what’s more, these plant flowers pretty much throughout the year. Light: Ixora plants like bright light, but leaves can burn in harsh direct rays in the summers. Water: True to their tropical nature, Ixora plants love being kept consistently moist. A good rule of thumb is that the soil should never be allowed to dry out, though you can decrease your watering cadence a bit in the winter.

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