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Its scientific name is ‘ Crassula Ovata’ (Crass-yu-lah Oh-vah-tah) and is also known as ‘Lucky plant’ and ‘Money Tree’

The Good Luck Charm

Know your Plant

This quintessential succulent, native to South Africa is a common houseplant worldwide.

This evergreen plant owes its popularity to the fact that it is a very low-maintenance plant and is known to bring prosperity and luck.

A Jade Plant, with its thick woody stems, and oval leaves, have a miniature tree like appearance, which makes it an appealing addition to your interior

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Water: Unlike other succulents, a Jade Plant is not that drought tolerant. However, water the plant whenever you find its topsoil dry and ensure the soil is moist. If you are unsure of your plant’s water requirements, it is best to keep it underwatered.

Lighting: Jade Plants love sunlight. Place the plants under bright lighting. However, they are sensitive to sunburn.

Soil: Porous and quick draining soil is best for jade plants.

Pruning: Regular pruning of this plant will ensure that it is compact and allow its stem to thicken.

Fertilizer: Like any other plant, keeping a Jade Plant fed is recommended. However, do not fertilize the plant during winters, which are their dormant seasons.

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