(kal-an-cho-e) Also known as ‘Window’s Thrill’

Know your Plant

Kalanchoe are the succulents your window has been waiting for ever, which is why they are known as ‘Window’s thrill’.

Flower heads on Kalanchoe blossom in bright oranges, pinks, yellow, red, and white which will last longer than you’d think! (Several months, actually) and the green plants remain green and pretty all year round!

Kalanchoe was one of the first plants to be sent to space. After all, your window does deserve something as unique as a space travelled plant

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Lighting: These beautiful flowering plants like bright natural light. Place them next to a well lit window sill. Make sure it does not get harsh direct sunlight.

Water: Water the plants and let the water drain out. And water it again when completely dry, which is around a week or two.