Lemon Barrel Cactus

Lemon Barrel Cactus



AKA Echinopsis Calochlora
Belonging to the Echinopsis genus of the Cactaceae family, Echinopsis calochlora is a cactus plant that is native to Brazil. It is a perennial plant that either grows as a singular clump or a group of clumps, with each clump having a round shape with multiple green sections and notches. These notches additionally have white-brown spines.

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Additional information

Sunlight is great for all plants, especially plants like Echinopsis calochlora which thrive during the summers. However, too much sunlight can end up burning your plants.
Make sure to soak plant with water when soil is completely dry. Check if the soil is dry before each watering. Best tip is to stick your thumb in the soil and check for moisture.

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