Money Plant Marble


Scientifically known as Epipremnum Aureum

Pronounced as ep-ih-PREM-num OR-ee-um

Pothos has numerous common names, including: golden pothos, hunter’s robe, ivy arum, money plant, and taro vine. The curious other name: devil’s ivy is because it’s nearly impossible to kill and stays alive even when kept in the dark. A tropical forest plant, in colder climates pothos lives indoors pretty well. With a trailing, vine-like habit, attractive heart-shaped leaves, an ability to help purify the air and to thrive in low light and humidity while withstanding neglect for long periods of time, pothos is the perfect plant for people too busy for houseplants.



Light: Marble Queen Pothos can survive in low light, but grows faster in medium to bright indirect light. The variegation will be more pronounced in higher light. They do not do well in direct sunlight since the sun will burn the foliage.

Water: Marble Queen Pothos like their soil to be kept on the drier side. Water enough to keep the soil slightly damp. During the spring and summer, water well and then allow the top 50% of the soil to dry out before watering again. In the fall and winter, let the soil become drier before watering.

Humidity: This plant will do well in low humidity environments, but will thrive with a bit more humidity. Brown leaf tips may indicate the air is too dry.

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