Oxalis Hybrid

Oxalis Hybrid



Pronounced as ok-sal-is

Also known as ‘Charmed Wine’

Know your Plant

This easy to maintain house plant has dark plum coloured leaves of the size of your palm.

Slender,celery green stalks carry clusters of blush pink lily-shaped flowers quite elegantly.

Oxalis is a very versatile houseplant, and it shines in any form. It can be potted and kept at your desk, or it can be used in a hanging basket, or as a pretty garden cover. Whatever Oxalis touches, it turns aesthetic.

* The plants in the picture are only for reference.

Legal Disclaimer

The size and shape of pot may vary according to availability.

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Additional information

Lighting: These plants require bright indirect lighting to grow well and produce flowers.

Water: Oxalis Hybrid likes it moist. However, make sure the soil is not left soggy, and always water the plant after the top inch of soil is dried out.

Soil: Loose and sandy soil is preferred.

Fertilizer: Feed the plant during its growing phase which is during summer.

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