Pachyveria Opalina

Pachyveria Opalina



Pachyveria Opalina AKA: Echephytum, Pachyrantia, Urbiphytum… It is a hybrid between two genera: Pachyphytum and Echeveria. It has thick and fleshy, elongated and pointed leaves, of a greyish-green colour, which form a rosette. The foliage is covered with a whitish pruina, that protects the plant from the sun and helps to conserve water. With exposure to the sun, it tends to take on purple-pink shades, which make the plant very popular, thanks to a wonderful mix of colors. This Pachyveria is a must-have for succulent collectors. Light: Place your Succulents anywhere it can receive plenty of suns or bright light. Avoid intense, direct sunlight until the plant has acclimatized to its new environment. Water: Water when soil is dry to the touch, which is approximately every 7 – 10 days. Avoid water it daily. Water them more in spring and summer and less in winter, and it’s better to underwater them than overwater them.

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