Painted Barrel Cactus

Painted Barrel Cactus



Painted barrel Cactus:

This architectural beauty is a signature cactus of the Southwest desert. The golden barrel is considered a rare and endangered species. It grows slowly to three feet high and spreads two feet wide. At maturity, yellow blossoms appear at the top of the plant in spring. This can vary greatly depending on the type of barrel cactus you have. However, a general rule of thumb is to provide your cactus with approximately six to eight hours of sunlight exposure every day.

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Additional information

Light: Barrel cactus will do best with direct sunlight, but it can still survive in bright indirect sunlight.

Water: The barrel cactus doesn't need much water in winter when it is dormant. Water once between December and February.
The plants are native to arid desert regions and usually have only rainfall to supply their moisture needs. Water your barrel cactus once per week in summer.

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