Peace Lilies

Peace Lilies



AKA Spathiphyllum, Closet Plant

With their lush and green foliage and beautiful white blooms, peace lilies are so lovely to look at and also one of the easiest houseplants.
These elegant white blooms that peace lilies put out aren’t flowers, but spathes, bracts, or modified leaves. These large, hood-like sheaths enclose a fleshy, green or yellowish flower spike called a spadix that bears the small, not-very-flowery-looking flowers.

* The plants in the picture are only for reference.

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Additional information

Light: Bright indirect light. Peace lilies prefer bright shade conditions and do well in a well-lit location that doesn't receive direct sunlight.

Water: Water the plant when potting soil is almost dry (check the potting soil before watering).

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