Peperomia Asperula

Peperomia Asperula



Peperomia Asperula AKA: Prayer Pepper… Peperomia Asperula is a fun succulent variety of the Peperomia plant. It has folded leaves giving it a unique appearance. This plant is easy enough to care for being a succulent and doesn’t require too much attention from you which makes it a perfect plant for beginners. Light: This plant prefers to be kept away from low light conditions so make sure it’s getting enough light but make sure it’s not exposed to direct sun all day long. Water: Plants like these store water in their thick leaves which means they can go for longer periods of time between waterings. Watering them too regularly can be damaging to the plant so it’s important that you allow the soil to dry out between waterings to avoid root to rot.

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