Philodendron Yellow Varigated


Also known as ‘Philodendron Brazil’

Know your Plant

For generations Philodendrons have served as the main choice of plants for interior decoration.

Its name literally means ‘Love Tree’ in greek, as it looks apt with its heart-shaped leaves with cream splashed markings adding striking appeal to your interior.

They are the kind of plants which signal you about their needs, making it one of the easiest plants to grow, even for inexperienced houseplant owners.

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Lighting: Place the plant by a window sill, which receives bright lighting. However, make sure that it is not getting direct sunlight.

Water: Water the plant whenever you find its top inch of soil dry. Make sure not to overwater the plant as it will rot its roots.

Pruning: If you do not want the plant to be bushy, pruning can be done.

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