KNOW & PLANT: Bring some of Mexico in your house with this flaming red shrub! Often mistaken for flowers, these radiant red are actually called bracts. If you look carefully, it’s grouped around a pretty little yellow dot. Now you know why we call it ‘flaming red’!


PLANTING FACTS: Like every great person experienced darkness to achieve their full potential, after a good session of sunshine, these indoor shrub needs 12 hours of darkness to get the bright red colour. Be aware of exposing this shrub to bright indoor lights at night as it may hamper the colouring of bracts!

PERKS OF PLANT: This shrub is known to be gifted extensively around Christmas time, and its fiery red is actually known to have cooling properties which was put into use when you and I weren’t born!

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Sun – Bright morning sun and shade for the hotter part of the day.

Water – Water every 2 days. Beware of over watering!

Soil – Paudhe Se Yaari All Purpose Soil Mix.


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