Prickly Cactus

Prickly Cactus



Also known as Opuntia and Prickly Pear

Pronounced as Oh-pun-tia.

Know your Plant: The Prickly Cactus has a distinctive wide, flat, branching pads. Most of them have a combination of detachable spines and tufts of barbed bristles (glochids).

The flowers are yellow, orange and pink in colour, whereas the fruits are berry-like with white bristles.

Although very few people would fancy a dish made out of cactus, most of the varieties of Opuntia possess edible pads, flowers, and fruits.

* The plants in the picture are only for reference.

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Dimensions 10.4 × 10.4 × 33 cm

Water: Prickly Cactus are extremely drought tolerant and are to be watered twice a month during summers and once every month other times of the year. Make sure you do not overwater the plant.

Soil: Prickly pears prefer alkaline to neutral soil. However, the soil needs to drain well, as residual moisture or puddling can cause the plant to rot.

Lighting: Although this plant is tolerant of high heat, it requires full sun to partial shade. Make sure you protect it from afternoon hot sun.

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