Ribbon Grass

Ribbon Grass



Know your Plant

If you want to make a bed made of abundant greens all around your garden, then Ribbon grass might just be the plant you are looking for.

This fast growing grass grows 12 to 18 inches tall with sprawling stems. Flowers are rare, but if you are fortunate enough, you might get one during summer.

This ornamental plant, if left unattended will grow too fast and quickly turn into a jungle of thick foliage. So it should be pruned regularly so that it doesn’t turn invasive.

Best way to prevent Ribbon Grass from spreading is to grow them under shade or in a container.

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Water: Though Ribbon Grass is drought-resistant, it appreciates regular watering. Water it once a week to ensure it is not dried out completely. However, refrain from overwatering it.

Light: The more the light it receives, the more invasive it gets. Plant it under partial shade to lessen its invasiveness.

Soil: Though it can survive in any kind of soil, an organic rich soil with moisture retaining soil is the best. This will also eliminate the need for fertilization.

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