Sedeveria “Harry Butterfield”

Sedeveria “Harry Butterfield”



Sedeveria Harry Butterfield AKA: Super Donkey Tail, Giant Buroos’s Tail…. Sedeveria Harry Butterfield is known to be a hybrid between the Echeveria Derenbergii and Sedum Morganianum. As the plant is beautiful green to matt green it is a easy to grow succulent that should be considered as a first plant.This mint green succulent produces cascading stems with fleshy tear-drop shaped foliage. It is large and more robust in nature which makes it perfect for any climatic condition. They will thrive in conditions that many other plants thrive in, but will do just as well in less hospitable areas. They are ideal for that part of your yard that gets too much sun or too little water to grow anything else. Light: Place your Succulents anywhere it can receive plenty of suns or bright light. Water: Water when soil is dry to the touch, which is approximately every 7 – 10 days. Avoid water it daily. Water them more in spring and summer and less in winter, and it’s better to underwater them than overwater them.

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