Sedum Burros Tail


Its scientific name is ‘Sedum Morganianum’ (see-dum mor-gan-ian-um), and is also known as ‘Burro’s Tail’ and ‘Donkey’s Tail’

Know your Plant

Commonly known as Burro’s Tail, this succulent will remind you of your sister’s thick braided ponytail. It grows thicker as it grows and you’ll realize how plump and juicy the leaves look, almost like a fruit.

These are actually desert plants and are found in places with hot and dry air.

This succulent takes about 6 years to grow 4’long. After that you’ll have trailing succulents growing all around your garden.

These tailing foliage grows and looks its best in hanging planters.

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Water: Water this plant as often as needed, which means you need to water the plant as and when the soil is dry. Make sure you do not drown the plant as it will rot its roots.

Lighting: Sedum is a light loving plant. It enjoys complete sun or partial shade with at least 6 hours of soak in sunlight a day.

Soil: Sedums require a slightly sandy and well draining soils as its roots rot in water logged soil.

Maintenance: Trimming can be done if you find the plant untidy.

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