Sedum Pachyphyllum

Sedum Pachyphyllum



(Se-dum pachi-phy-lum) – Commonly known as Stonecrop, Succulent Beans, Blue Jelly Bean Plant, Jelly Beans, and Many Finger The Radiation Absorber

Know your Plant

These Mexican Succulents with finger-like projections resembles a jelly bean, often when taking on a protective red hue on its tips, when kept under the sun.

During summers, the Sedum Pachyphyllum will bloom with yellow star shaped flowers.

Though an outdoor plant, it is often grown in containers as houseplants, given bright lighting conditions.When grown outside, it provides an alluring look to your garden and attracts butterflies.

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Water: Like any other succulent, Sedum Pachyphyllum requires very less water, and needs to be watered whenever its soil is dry or every 7-10 days. Avoid overhead watering, and overwatering this plant can lead to the fungal formation to its roots.

Lighting: This perennial bush requires bright sunlight for better and faster growth. That being said, given 5-6 hours of bright indoor lighting a day, it can easily thrive.

Soil: Well-draining sandy soil, the type used for other cacti and succulent plants are preferable

Environment: Sedum Pachyphyllums can thrive well in both indoor and outdoor conditions. However, when indoor, proper ventilation is required for minimizing pests and disease risks.

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