Thimble Cactus

Thimble Cactus



Scientifically known as Mammillaria Gracilis

The thimble cactus, is a small cactus with somewhat slender, cylindrical, bright green body clustering and branching freely, but the offsets easily detached. The offsets are easily knocked off so the plant must be handled with care; however, these offsets quickly root if placed on the ground. The tubercles are roundish, each being tipped by stiff white spines, radiating like a star, making the plant look lace-covered. There are one or more longer dark-brown central spines. Creamy white, bell-shaped flowers appear in spring or in late summer-autumn. Eventually, this cactus forms a large, rounded clumps.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 8.5 cm

Light: Thimble cactus will grow in full sunlight or light shade. If you grow thimble cactus in full sunlight, be careful about moving it to a shady spot too suddenly, as the cactus may scorch.

Water: Water thimble cactus sparingly during the summer. Throughout the winter months, water only if the cactus looks wilted.

Soil: Always allow the soil to dry between each watering. The cactus is likely to rot very quickly in soggy soil.

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