String of Nickels

String of Nickels



String Of Nickles AKA: Button Orchid, Dischidia nummularia… Dischidia nummularia is also known as Button orchid or string of coins plant. It gets the name “Nickels”, “Coins”, or “Buttons “from the appearance of its leaves. In tropical regions, it is a perennial succulent that grows year-round. The string of nickels plant is native to tropical regions of India, Asia, and Australia. Also called the button orchid, they are a type of epiphyte or air plant. In their natural setting, string of nickels grows on branches or tree trunks and rocky terrain. Water: Keep the potting medium evenly moist but be careful to avoid waterlogging the roots; they should never sit in water for extended periods of time. String of nickels also benefit from regular misting, which helps the plant absorb moisture through the leaves Light: String of nickels grow well in low-light conditions. Indoors, they are a perfect choice.

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