Succulent Grey

Succulent Grey



Scientifically known as Echeveria Daerenbergii Grey (ech-eh-VER-ee-a day-REN-ber-gai).
These succulents can be grown either inside or outside but, like other plants, they need plenty of light.
This plant thrives in warm and dry climatic conditions. It has fleshy leaves which can survive extended periods of drought. Water them when the of the soil feels dry to touch.

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Echeveria are originally from Mexico and Central America. They aren’t used to the cold and will die in freezing temperatures.

Echeveria like full sun. However, try to avoid these two things: drastic sunlight changes and summer afternoon full sun. Dramatic changes in lighting can stress plants out.

Echeveria, indoors or outside, don’t like to be kept too wet, but they also don’t like to be kept too dry. In a house the dry home temperatures dry things out even faster. You don’t want your soil to be bone dry or it will wither the plant’s roots. Pour on the water until it drains out the bottom. Then don’t water again until the soil has dried out.

Like all succulents, Echeveria need soil that drains quickly. This helps prevent moisture from rotting the roots. Many growers will create their own special mixture of soil and perlite. However, good quality potting soil, or a cactus mix will work fine. As a rule of thumb, when you squeeze a handful of moist soil together, it should crumble apart again when released.

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