Syngonium Mix


Pronounced as [Sin-go-nium]
Scientifically known as ‘Nephthytis’ or ‘Syngonium podophyllum’.
These plants are also popularly known as ‘Arrowhead plants’ or ‘Elephant ear plants.



These plants do well in low-to-medium light settings and thrive in bright, indirect light. They do not like exposure to direct sunlight.
The soil should be kept lightly moist during spring and summer and slightly drier during the fall and winter months. Don’t let it become completely dry. The plant is undemanding when it comes to watering, but does prefer high humidity, so it’s a good idea to place container plants on a bed of wet pebbles. Mist hanging baskets frequently. Water moderately throughout the growing season and reduce watering during cooler months.
Temperatures for Syngonium should be kept above 15°C. The Syngonium is not a plant to expose to cold temperatures.

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