Scientifically known as Ocimumtenuiflorum (oci-mum ten-ui-flo-rum)
Commonly known as Holy Basil and Tulsi (in India).
Ocimum tenuiflorum seeds are black and similar in size to those of basil.



Temperature: You can sow directly in place, starting in April for southern regions, or in May for other regions — the seeds will sprout once temperatures approach 18°C.
Light: Sow in light, well-drained earth, placing a few seeds in each seed hole, spaced 20-30 cm apart. Barely cover with earth or potting soil, as the seeds are extremely small. Water with a fine mist.
Soil: Keep the soil moist during the first few weeks after sowing.
Behind the kitchen window, it works pretty well: just avoid full sun and big temperature differences. Keep the soil moist for the first few weeks, but never soggy, spraying gently and regularly.

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