Variegata Rubber Plant

Variegata Rubber Plant



Variegated Rubber Plant Variegated Rubber Plant has various shades of pink/red, burgundy and also differ from black to greens. Rubber plants are a popular houseplant choice due to their ease of care, attractive foliage and tree like presence Light: This houseplant wants to be in bright, indirect sunlight. Too much sun may harm the leaves, too little and your plant won’t grow much! Place it somewhere it receives a couple of hours of direct sun at most. Water: Rubber plants’ water needs vary according to season: In the summer, the plant should be kept moist. This includes wiping the leaves with a damp cloth or even misting them. During winter plant may only need less water. Watch for droopy leaves, which indicate a need for more water. Leaves that turn yellow and brown and drop signal over-watering.

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