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I’m not the fussy kind. I don’t crave much attention, actually if you ignore me for a bit, I’ll thrive. Just be there to stop by and say hello once in a while.
Shower me with love. Just don’t shower me with water; I prefer a nice & light spritz that’s great for a little shower. But only when my dirt is completely dried out, that means I m a bit parched.
Let the sun shine. I love the light, so please keep me in a pretty little spot that will drench me in sunshine and will keep me happy.
Keep me pretty, please. As I grow, you may notice a few brown leaves, don’t worry, I’m happy & healthy,
just pull them off and tell me again how pretty I am.
Air me out. Take me out once in a while. I quite enjoy a bit of fresh air, perhaps we could even go for a stroll.
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