Hello, Gorgeous plant-loving friends

Paudhe Se Yaari is a plant boutique and nature-inspired studio with online and offline stores in Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

Our Ikigai (Our purpose of being)

To reconnect people with nature and share our love for plant styling with all. This is at the heart of everything we do help you bring the outdoors in. We at Paudhe Se Yaari, love to transform spaces and bring them to life with a unique range of plants in unconventional and one of its kind biophilic designs.

The intent is to give people a visual treat and help them give their balconies, gardens, and dwelling spaces a new lease of life. We are different from other plant stores in our focus on styling plants with a creative eye and imagination. We also work with various artists to add an original touch to the collection.


“It is absolute bliss and brings meaning to our lives for being a medium between creativity, nature, and people.”

To wake up and create something beautiful related to the botanic line is indescribable.

Also, seeing and meeting people who share the same experience is enriching,”

Be it inspiration for your home office or helping guide you on your plant journey, we stay focused on the little things that make the ordinary extraordinary and can help make your space come to life!

Gunjan & Clement Domingo,
The founder duo behind
Paudhe Se Yaari